Below you can find all of Cutty's Music! 

You can hear all of the work Cutty has put his hands on below. Cutty has officially 3 mixtapes out and a couple singles. You can hear cutty's story through his music as he handpicks the artist he works with. 

Savage Year Volume 1 was the beginning of the Savage Year series for Cutty, as he wanted to create a mixtape full of indie talent around him at the time. He was working closely with Desmond Dennis who is one of the executive producers/main recording producer for this project. This also feature's Cutty first official single "Free My Dawgs". 

Savage Year Volume 2 was the follow-up mixtape after Volume 1. Since Volume 1 did 10K in one day, Cutty went out and partnered up with Beatsuite Studios/Merc Beatz to make Savage Year Volume 2. Most of the recording production on this project was handled or managed by Beatsuite/Merc Beatz. Cutty wanted to bring out some of the best in NJ on this mixtape and make a stamp for NJ. This whole project is done or put together by someone in NJ or from NJ. This project debuted front page Spinrilla and accumulated another 10K streams first release day. 

Worldwide Tunes is Cutty's global breakout as he worked with artists all across the country on this one. Spending a lot of time on the road at this time Cutty has run into a lot of different kinds of people. So he decided to spread out throughout the country and get artists from CA and more. This project was done during quarantine and currently over 10K on youtube.