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Entertainment Mogul Cutty has taken NJ by storm and has helped several indie artist in the process of it. As featured in Yahoo, Genius coming from Edgewater Park NJ he has served thousands of indies to become the entertainment mogul he is today. Read the "about me" for his full story below!

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How to become the perfect artist
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How to become the perfect artist
Written by Cutty
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Click below to subscribe to Cutty's Only Fans! He gives you exclusive tips on the music industry that you will need in order to get things like a blue check on IG and into a record deal meeting. He also gives you step by step directions on how to do real estate. Learn the gems below! Click the link!

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Cutty's First Video Game Appearance

Cutty is the first NJ Character on Everybody Beefs Video Game
Watch the first live reaction ever below

The Cutty Card

The Cutty Card

Just announced Cutty drops his latest invention "The Cutty Card" powered by Cutty TV, it is the card that is all in one for any business owner! With a tap you can share whatever you would like! Music, Website, Social Media the possibilities are endless!

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