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Learn more about Entertaintment Mogul Cutty

Who is Cutty?

Terrance Disman who is known as Cutty is an entertainment mogul he is a videographer, blog writer, director, marketing specialist, event host and lastly a podcaster. Cutty was born and raised in Lakewood NJ in 1993. He lived in the ashbury park area for about 6 years before relocating to south jersey.

He lived in Willingboro NJ with close family and went to Willingboro High School where he started his passion for visuals when he won an award on his visual he did for a class project. As years went on he always found himself recording more on the camera and evenutally started his own company when his brother was incarcerated at the age of 16 Cutty being only 20.

in 2015 Cutty started Cutty TV in Edgewater Park NJ, on September 25th. He shot and edited his first episode in the edgewater park manor apartments working with artist Neyquam also from Edgewater Park NJ. After that Cutty seen the potential of the youtube channel and decided to keep it going as he interviewed two artist after and also started small skits.

The following year Cutty would do his first event at Risque Hookah Lounge in Philadelphia and he realized he wanted to pick this up as a part of his profression and started doing shows starting in early 2017. He went on to do places like Vanity Grand strip club, Onyx strip club, The Foundry, Voltage Lounge,Observatory OC, and more.

As years moved on skits fell off and more opportunites came up for artist and other people as Cutty shot his first commercial in Atlantic City NJ and after that knew he could not only help Indie artist but small businesses also shortly after he went to get his LLC in 2018 and started really taken his youtube channel and business serious.

Shortly after becoming an official LLC Cutty TV LLC was nominated at the Philly Hiphop Awards for best Webcast/TV Platform with Cutty being the main host of all of the interviews he was definitely the reason for that. They came up short to someone else that year but that nomination started more then Cutty could ever imagine.

The following year he would work with a huge blog in the philadelphia area and also work with celebrities in the city and get an close look of what he had ahead of him working with people like Tayroc, Eness.

In 2020 Cutty would be going for his bigger year to date with being added to a video game Everybody Beefs on all app stores, making two TV Appearances, and also being featured on sites like Genius and Yahoo Finance.

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